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Goddammit, Funi. I loved the dub at first, but now...ugh. Just ugh. I think I'll just stick with the subs from now on; even if there are many more actually funny jokes in future dubbed episodes, this and past racist jokes in the dub have left a permanent sour taste in my mouth. I just can't believe they'd be so stupid.

At least the fandom reaction is relatively mature.
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I love fanimations like these~ &hearts _&hearts This guy has several other awesome videos on his channel, so definitely check 'em out. :D

In other news, I have the Environmental Systems IB exam tomorrow. Which I would be studying for right now if it weren't for the fact that we already took a practice exam in my class and I quickly found that most of the material is really hard to study for. I guess you could say the test requires either more logical, outside-of-the-box thinking than just material you copy and paste from the textbook. And even for the few questions that are like that, they're always very specific to one particular topic, and since Environmental Systems has such a ridiculously huge curriculum, it makes it nearly impossible to study for without most if not all of said studying proving to be utterly useless. D: So I will study some today, but I'm not going to worry about it too much. After all, I don't feel like I did all that terribly on the practice exam. 'Course I probably did and I'm just hopelessly optimistic. And the test doesn't actually affect my grade anyway. So hur.

Lately I've been reading bits and pieces of the Higurashi manga both on OneManga (although most of the arcs have been taken down by request of Yen Press *sob*) and by checking the volumes out from the library. It's surprising to see just how much detail Deen left out in their anime adaption. :/ With all the little extra bits intact, the characters feel more fleshed out to me. I've found the same holds true for Umineko. Deen cut so much that the characters lost a lot of the roundness and likability that they have in the VN. Or at least I'm getting that impression from fan reactions and what little I've seen of the Umineko anime. XP
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Youtube is a breeding ground for idiots

Well I was just on Youtube watching videos related to the Haiti earthquake. I really shouldn't have read the comments, because now I'm pissed off by all the ignorance and stupidity of too many people there. There are people who are claiming that Haiti deserved it because they angered God in some way. How, I have no idea. Others are saying that the people of Haiti are just being lazy by waiting for foreign aid and not "doing anything themselves". Still others think that since Haiti is poor, no one there matters. And then there are those who comment just to post a racial slur.

What. Is. Wrong. With. People. Whatever happened to basic human compassion?
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Merry Christmas Eve, world!

So I had a dentist appointment yesterday. And it turns out that my wisdom teeth are coming in. So of course my dental hygienist is planning to get them removed sometime after my next checkup in June. But my mom, being extremely distrustful of doctors of any sort, says she's refusing to have the removal done while she's paying the dental insurance, unless I can make a really good case as for why I should do it. I don't really want to myself to be honest, but we'll see how this all plays out.

Also, on Sunday my family and I went to see a play, A Christmas Carol. Afterwords we browsed the giant Powells store near the theater and then went to dinner at this small family-run Italian place. The food there was delicious. So yeah, it was fun~

I've just started Ep 4 of Umineko. I've really fallen hard for this series. :D I loved the scene where Ange "talks" to Maria using her diary, and there's those flashbacks to Maria's past. I thought Maria was weird and a little annoying, but she's become much more sympathetic throughout the arcs. Poor girl. (And yes, I already know about how she kills Rosa later on in Ep 4.)
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In Which I Complain About Trivial Things

For my IB Psych class, I have to do an experiment on another class in the school. I chose my third period Graphic Design class to do mine on, and boy that was a bad idea. See, in order to properly follow the ethical guidelines set for me, I have to have any participant below the age of sixteen take home a consent form and have a parent sign it. Which of course means I had to give all those kids in the class consent forms, tell them to get parent signatures, and wait for the next time we had class in the hopes they'd remember. Well, I gave them the consent forms on Wednesday, and came to class on Friday to find, as I'd suspected would have happen, only two people remembered. So as things stand, I have 17 participants. I need 25. I still have a couple more chances, but it's a pain having to put all my faith in a group of kids who don't give two shits about my grade. I should have picked a junior or senior class to do the experiment on. That way I wouldn't have to worry about the consent forms.

I don't even see why we need to bother with the consent forms anyway. All my experiment involves is doing a simple math worksheet. Math may not be everyone's favorite subject (it certainly isn't mine) but I don't think anyone's going to be psychologically scarred by it. >_>;

I'm also coming down with a cold. And I have a math test on Wednesday that I know I'm going to fail. Again. Guh...*silently wishes for winter break. or a snow day*

But hey, enough complaining. Now I'm going to talk about something I like! Yesterday I was out with my boyfriend (yes I have a boyfriend, I guess I've never mentioned him on here before), and we went into this Asian marketplace. In the back they had a Japanese bookstore, and it was basically a gold mine of all awesome things related to manga. I was in heaven. XD It was all in Japanese, but I didn't care. I just never knew there was a place in my town where I could buy manga volumes, artbooks, music, and other merchandice that hasn't been released in English yet. So now I'm hoping I get plenty of money for Christmas so I can go on a shopping spree. :D On my list are the first three volumes of the Umineko manga, the Soul Eater artbook, this one Higurashi/Umineko/some other manga crossover I found, a Vocaloid CD, and one of the Haruhi soundtracks. And maybe that Kisuke figurine, and random volumes of other series. (Obviously I probably won't be able to get all of these, lol.) I don't want to ask my mom to get me any of that stuff for Christmas though, since I'd imagine her reaction to some of it (especially Umineko) would be less than positive. BD;;

And while I'm talking about Umineko, I'm well into EP 3 now~ I've already been spoiled about a few things at this point, but most of it hasn't. And so far it is SO AWESOME. Also, Umineko fandom has such beautiful fanart. I've already got tons of art I found on AnimeSuki saved into my fanart folder.

In fact, I think I'll go play some Umineko right now! Or do homework. Which I would be doing right now if I wasn't such a procrastinator. Toodles~
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I love crack

So I did a Google Image search for "Umineko", and I found this:


Speaking of Umineko, I just finished EP1. :3 And now I'm into the beginning of EP2. Beatrice is a bitch, manipulating Shannon like that. :< But George and Shannon make a pretty cute couple. &hearts Too bad they'll both be mercilessly slaughtered by the end of the ep, if the first one and Higurashi are anything to go by. (The way Shannon and the rest of those whose bodies were found in the storehouse died is seriously cringe-worthy. D: Smushed cheek, OUCH.)

...No, I don't have Umineko on the mind today, whatever made you think that? :P
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Weird thing.

So I was talking to my mom a little while ago, and she told me about this guy she knew who used to be her coworker back when she was still living in California. She said he was a pretty handsome guy, but she always felt that something was a little off about him, even though he put on a polite act. Then one day he came to work holding a baseball bat. My mom saw it and thought it was weird, but figured he might be going to play baseball after work or something. Then at some point, someone came into his cubicle to ask him a question. As soon as the person entered, the man leaped up with a yell, grabbed the baseball bat, and made as if to swing at the person.

Guess what the first thing I thought of was?

...yeah. XD;; IT'S HIGURASHI COME TO LIFE. Or maybe my mind is just too infatuated with anime.

So, uh. Happy belated Halloween, world! I had good one. I dressed as a geisha and got much candy. Candy is good. But this year was probably the last year I'll go trick or treating. I feel like I'm getting a little old for it. ^^;

I've got this Friday and next Wednesday off from school, which makes me a happy girl. :D Three-day weekends are awesome.

Also, I need to find a place with good journal layouts. I still really like the one I have now, but the header image keeps crapping out on me, and since I was too dumb to save the image to my computer, well. There was this one community I found that had some really cool-looking thumbnails, but all the images were dead. D: I couldn't even see what the entire layout looked like for any of them. It's times like this that I wish I knew CSS.

I really gotta go finish my math homework now. Signing off~
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Now I need a new one...*sob* I'll get to it later...

EDIT: Oh wait, heh heh, never mind. It fixed itself.

EDIT2: ...crud.
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